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Meet Prince Rama and Princess Sita and enjoy their amazing adventures in this spell- binding ancient Indian Classic.

With riveting language, dramatic flair, and deep psychological insight, Vrinda weaves her splendid tale. – Howard Resnick, Ph.D, Sanskrit scholar o Graphic narrative.

Highly recommended. -Joshua M. Greene, author of “Witness: Voices from the Holocaust” .

Lovely prose, showing remarkable insight into characters and events. - Philip Lutgendorf, author of “Hanuman’s Tale” - Professor of Modern Indian Studies, University of Iowa

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• Bronze at the IPPY Awards in the category: Multi-cultural Non-Fiction Young Adult
• Honorable mention in the New York Book Show
• Finalist in the USA Book News 2012 .

It has 203 pages, 23 full color illustrations and 20 black and white illustration. Size is 8,5 x 11 inches. Hardbound.
It was published in the fall of 2012 by Torchlight Publishing.

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If you buy Prince Rama now, you will get a coloring book as an extra bonus. It has 14 beautiful line drawings. This offer expires August 10 2013.

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Vrinda and Vish in New York

My daughter and I were both encouraged and inspired to receive an IP award for our book "Prince Rama". Vrinda and her husband participated in the award ceremony in New York City 2012.

India's tale of kindness to animals

2012 was a very productive year. Not only was my first book finally published, but another book "The Peaceable Forest" also came out on the market in September 2012. The Peaceable Forest is a children's book that has been received very well. The author, Kosa Ely, is doing a remarkble job of getting this book out to the public.

"An inspirational story from the East, this beautiful book teaches children the importance of ahimsa (nonviolence). The Peaceable Forest deserves to be read and contemplated, shared and given to others."
Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Checken Soup for the Soul series

This book was published by Insight Editions in the fall of 2012.