What would life be without books? Of course now there is the internet and we can always download an e-book. For certain books I believe that is fine, but for some books e-books would just not do, at least not for me. Perhaps I am just old fashioned, but there is a vast difference for me to pick up a book of art for instance and to look at its layout, fonts, and the reproductions of the art than to sit in front of a computer screen. It is a craft and an art in itself to produce a nice book. It also has a long history.

Prince Rama - Son of the Solar Dynasty

jacket prince rama

Dust jacket for me and my daughter's book "Prince Rama"

Sita,s Wedding. One of the watercolor illustrations for 'Prince Rama'. Watercolor and ink, 22x30 inches.

I love to make beautiful illustrations for books. Perhaps that comes from my childhood when my parents gave me illustrated children books to read. I remember that I loved to look at the pictures more than reading the actual book.

The Peaceable Forest

My friend Kosa asked me a few years ago if I wanted to illustrate one of her children's book. I was very hesitating and I declined. A few years later she asked me again and I could really not refuse her request this time. Our coperation has led to a lifetime friendship and I feel satisfied that I illustrated this book, despite so many challenges.

The Peaceable Forest came out on the market in September 2012, and it has sold in quite large quantities, mostly due to Kosa's hard work and marketing skills.

Narada finds the injured deer laying hepless on the ground. Watercolor and ink, 22x16 inches.


Mrigari, the cruel hunter, gets a vision of his own future.


Narada and Mrigari comes to see the injured fawn who is surrounded by her mother and friends.


Narada enters the forest where the hunter is residing.


Front cover for The Peaceable Forest.