There are tons of wonderful and talented people "out there," too numerous to mention. I will nevertheless give you a few links to some resources that have been, and still are, sources of inspiration, both in my personal life and as an artist.

Artists' web sites

Kosa Rupa is an amazing person. Her dedication and determination made it possible to give the world the gift of The Peaceable Forest.

My friend Nicola does amazing block prints. Her website is

Useful websites is a good source of ideas, inspiration and instructions.

I usually get most of my watercolorpaints at Daniel Smith. You can request a catalog from them. Their quinacridone color are some of the most vibrant I know of.

I learned to make this web site from Alan Simpson. His internet lessons from ed2go are outstanding and I am very grateful for them. My website skills have been in limbo for a long time but finally I am able to do something on the web.

Friends and family

My daughter Vrinda and son-in-law, Vish, are both creative, spiritual and beautiful people. Check out their websites at:

Recommended Reading

An all time favorite of mine is Harold Foster's "Prince Valiant". There is a new edition by Fantagraphics Books, Inc, published in 2011. The reproductions in these books are stunning as are the illustrations by Hal Foster.

Another amazing artist and illustrator that is an inspiration for me is Warwick Goble. He was active during the Golden Age of Illustrations. You can see some of his works in Goble's Fariy Tale Illustrations published by Dover Publications.

The pictures above are some of the exquisite illustrations by Warwick Goble.